Pregnant Mother Of 2 Receives Amazing Blessing From Boss And Now All Her Dreams Can Come True!

Tami Forbes had found herself struggling to make ends meet.. With twins at home and another baby on the way, the mother was working hours on end for Key West Key Lime Pie Company as a manger. She was basically running the operation and all for a very minimal three hundred dollars a week! Tami did what she had to to provide for her family. In addition the time she put in at the pie company, she was also bartending on the side to supplement her income. That is, until the fateful and life-changing day that Marcus Lemonis changed her life!

Marcus Lemonis, creator of CNBC TV show The Profit, is a self-made millionaire. His show focuses on saving small businesses via his best advice and of course, his finances. The entrepreneur and businessman has learned in his many years that happy employees equals a well-oiled machine, smooth business and happy customers. Recognizing this Lemonis wasted no time making things better for the store manager of Key West Key Lime Pie Company, Tami Forbes.

Lemonis knew that Tami had two other children at home in addition to her third child on the way. To ease her struggle immediately, Lemonis awarded her a six month pay advance for maternity leave. It should be noted that the average allotted time in America is a measly eight weeks. In addition to this generous advance, Lemonis asked that Tami take responsibility for the store when she returned and gave her a huge raise to do so!

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After Doing The Work Of A Few For Less Than Deserved, She Could Not Believe It!


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Everyone reaches difficult times. Everyone has doubts. The key to making it through life’s trying moments is continuing to look ahead. The key to being blessed with success is to earn it. The power to perservere exists inside of everyone. You just have to want it. Tami needed it. Tami wanted a better life for her children and her hustle paid off!

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There is truly no limit to what anyone person can accomplish, no matter where they come from. Focus on the prize and manifest the destiny you choose. Whatever you put into the universe will come back to you In Tami’s case she put in effort. She worked very hard for much less than she deserved and one day her undying efforts were rewarded!

Her Hard Work And Dedication Earned Her A Serious Raise

Tami Will No Longer Struggle To Provide For Her Kids


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