Innovative Mom Creates Life-Saving ‘Diabetes Box’ To Keep Daughter Safe At School

For people who live with the condition, every day can be a struggle. There’s the constant monitoring of blood sugar levels, the various pills and injections, the fear of not having your medication, and the knowledge that this is something you will most likely have to live with for the rest of your life. Diabetes is a burden, but a manageable one.

People With Diabetes Have A Lot To Think About


Still, one mother has gone out of her way to make life for her daughter that much easier. Lauren Rowe lives in Florida and her daughter Leah is a Type 1 diabetic. This is one of the most severe versions of the condition. The pre-teen must take up to four injections of insulin a day and requires constant monitoring of her glucose levels to keep everything in check. She also requires immediate access to foods and medicines should something go out of whack.

One Mom Created This Amazing Container


And now, with summer over, Leah has to do all this from the “comfort” of her fifth grade classroom. So Lauren came up with an ingenious idea that has social media praising her ingenuity. Using several little containers – one for each classroom she visits during the day – and providing comprehensive information on Leah’s conditions and needs, these “Diabetes Boxes” are a literal life saver. They give her daughter, and anyone who is in charge of her over the course of the school day, instructions and items to help in any emergency.

It’s There To Help Her Daughter Deal With Her Disease While At School


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There is even a nurse’s box that has an injector pen should Leah require something like it. Lauren’s goal is to make the box and her daughter’s needs as crystal clear and obvious as possible. Looking at what she’s done here, we can safely say that Leah will be in good hands where she goes this school year.

Here’s Another Way To Prepare

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