Mom Posts A Video Of Infant Getting Her Ears Pierced, Social Media Responds

Some things are better left until a child is more mature. We would never think of putting a toddler in the driver’s seat and having them run down to the store to pick up a few things. Kids can’t calculate taxes or decide on the course of medical treatment they require. Yet parents will place their babies in harm’s way for any old trend, fashionable or not, just because they think it’s cool, or cute, or au courant. Some even consider it a form of abuse.

Babies Are Not Adults


Thus the debate over whether your wee ones should have tattoos or piercings. Believe it or not, some Moms and Dads look at their offspring and believe them to be a blank canvas for their every wild idea and whim. Laws have had to be passed to keep the otherwise well meaning from inking up their underage chargers with body art. Even the idea of pierced ears have come under incredible social scrutiny, as one woman learned recently.

They Shouldn’t Be Treated Like They Are


Believe it or not, this Mom took her infant to a shop that specializes in giving ADULTS the look they want, and was then completely shocked when people criticized her for both the act and putting a video of it up on the Internet. As her Facebook followers found out, tiny tots don’t enjoy having needles thrust through their tender little lobes, and when you hear the cries and screams this little girl emits, your heart will break. It really will.

Sadly, Some Parents Still Haven’t Gotten The Message


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