This Grandmother Has Found The Fountain Of Youth And It’s Not What You Think

They say it’s the healthiest way to live. They say that, as humans, we shouldn’t be eating the way we do. Even with our supposed history as carnivores, all the way back to our times in caves, we shouldn’t be eating meat. Instead, we should become vegetarian. Get rid of the red flesh (or white, or whatever) and get with the green.

This Is Belinda White Then



And This Is Belinda White Now



Sure, some settle for some animal product, but there are those that say even dairy, eggs, and cheese are bad for us. So they go vegan – all plants, all the time. They even swear off honey because of bees and…well, you know. Anyway, one woman in Britain is trying to lead a revolution in diet and she is using her experiences to demonstrate the value of a meatless meal plan.

She Chalks Up Her Stunning Transformation To A Change In Diet



Her name is Belinda White and she has taken her crusade to the Internet. She calls herself the “female Benjamin Button,” referencing the Brad Pitt film about a man who ages backwards. According to her claims, Belinda looks 28 (in her words) when she’s actually 46. Better still, she’s a grandmother, her eldest boy recently being blessed with the birth of his first son. So what’s the secret? Is it going vegan? You’ll have to read on to see.

She’s Even Gotten Her Family To Go Vegan



And This Is How She Does It



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