Mom Shares Photos Of Son In Dresses To Raise Awareness About Acceptance

Raising a child with a healthy amount of self-esteem and self-awareness is what all parents strive for. Whether it means encouraging your child’s passion for zoology or making sure they don’t miss out on piano lessons because they have a gift for music, wanting the very best for our kids is a top priority.

Crystal Kells’ Son Cian Prefers Dresses To Pants

Crystal Kells knows what it means to encourage a child to be comfortable and confident with who they are. After her five-year-old son Cian expressed interest in wearing dresses and skirts, she gave him the to freedom to choose whatever he wanted to wear without passing judgement.

The Liberal Mom Gave Her Son The Freedom To Wear What He Likes

She told “99% of the time, he will choose wearing a dress over a shirt and pants/shorts. His favourite thing about them is the twirl.”

She Began Photographing Cian To Raise Awareness

The Canadian mom, who defines herself as very liberal, is a big supporter of equality for both sexes. In an effort to show that support, she decided to take photos of Cian and post them on social media to raise awareness for children and parents everywhere to help empower individuality.

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