The Reason For The Season? This Mom Spends $2K On Gifts Each Year For Her Family

For many, it’s the reason for the season. Without a well-adorned tree loaded down with gifts, without a wish list to Santa that would drown a lesser old elf, without a table overflowing with food and treats to bring in those glad tidings of great joy, it just wouldn’t be the holidays. Christmas has long since stopped being about faith and the festive spirit. Instead, it’s about drained bank accounts and bulging credit card bills.

This Is What Most People’s Christmas Tree Looks Like



And This Is The Tapping’s Tree



For most, the Saturnalia struggle is very real indeed. Just getting through the kids’ demands for the latest and most in demand present can turn December 25th into doom and gloom. So what do you think about someone who, on an annual basis, spends between $1,800 and $2,000 on gifts. Put another way, is someone who argues quantity over quality providing a cool Yule or going way overboard.

Emma Tapping LOVES Christmas



Over in England, a woman named Emma Tapping, from the Isle of Man, has raised these kinds of questions. Known for dishing out dozens of presents to her three kids each year, she’s the one who spends about £1500 per year on such material goods. Last year, each child got about 85 gifts each. This year, her goal is 97. She claims to be doing it all for the “fun” of the holiday, but for many, she’s a prime example of how far off base Christmas has gone.

So Much So That She Goes Overboard With The Gifts Every Year



She Has Become A Target Of Criticism And Celebration



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