Believe It Or Not, No One Wanted This Precious Cat, Until One Caring Man Came Along

There are thousands of them spread out across this great planet of ours. Among the kittens and seniors, strays and rescued and/or abandoned, sit the animals with special needs. They may be a bit different than the other bundles of fur fighting for your attention as you enter the shelter or animal control center, but they represent a forgotten legion of love.

Say Hello To Monty



This Beloved Cat Lives In Denmark With His Humans



You see, everyone wants the purr-fect pet. They want the adorable puppy or the Internet ready feline. They pick over dozens of possible pairings and, while doing so, push the different looking ones aside. Sometimes, it’s or aesthetic reasons. In other instances, they worry about the upkeep both financial and/or medical. And then there are those whose hearts only respond to the normal, whatever that is.

He’s Become Quite A Social Media Star



When Monty was looking for his forever home, he was often overlooked. This special little boy has a chromosomal defect which causes some physical issues, the main one being a flattened face with a nose that barely sticks out. Once you see this adorable creature you’ll wonder why anyone would pass him by. But many did. Not Michael Bjørn and Mikala Klein, however. For them, it was love at first sight.

He Has His Own Online Store



And A Mission To Help Special Needs Animals



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