Graffiti Artist Mom Teaches Daughter, 10, Tools Of The Trade With Colorful Street Art

Is it vandalism or is it art? Do we appreciate someone turning a rundown building or a broken down wall into a multi-colored and fantastical example of free expression? Or do we end up complaining that, all aesthetics aside, property is being destroyed? This is the age old quandary when it comes to graffiti. Originally it was used by gangs to tag their territory. When hip-hop became a cultural talking point, the style and imagery used in these spray paint designs became automatically associated with certain crews and creative urban outlets.

Binty Bint Is Known For Her Street Art


Now, names like Banksy and Binty Bint are changing the way we look at street art and our appreciation of same. In the UK especially, the ability to turn a few cans of color into a social commentary or something colorfully comic is celebrated. In fact, such expressions are looked at as positive for society since they turn we often dour and grim surroundings into something bright, clever, and in some instances, thoughtful.

She Is Especially Renowned For Her Cartoon Chickens


For an artist like Binty Bint, having a helper makes all the difference. In this case, it is her 10-year-old daughter Lola. As you’ll see in the video included here, mom would prefer to remain anonymous. Just because people appreciate her work doesn’t mean that the law wouldn’t arrest her if they found out who she was. Besides, it’s more about the art than who she is, at least in her mind. In some instances Bint and her child may have permission to redecorate a space and she has a signature style that she shares with little Lola.

And Now Her Daughter Is Getting Into The Act


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