Mother Is Furious After Photos Of Her Child Are Banned By Social Media Giant

After carrying your unborn child for nine months, one of the biggest joys a mother looks forward to is the day her baby is born and she can finally hold her child in her arms.

Unfortunately, Rhiannon Atkinson couldn’t touch her baby Pippa for the first five months of the little one’s life.


Pippa was born with epidermolysis bullosa, an untreatable and incurable disease in which extremely fragile skin blisters and tears from the slightest touch or friction.

It is debilitating and sometimes fatal.

“As soon as she was born her hands and feet looked as though someone had taken her and dipped her in boiling water. They were red raw and she was whisked off to intensive care,” Rhiannon said.


When Pippa’s skin was touched, it would immediately blister and tear. The baby was in excruciating pain and had to stay untouched for the beginning of her life.

“Being told your child has an incurable condition is incomprehensible, it broke my heart,” Rhiannon said. “But then not being able to touch her or cuddle her for five months was torture.”


Thankfully, with the help of medical professionals, Rhiannon was able to learn how to treat and dress Pippa’s wounds and bring her daughter home.

Rhiannon wanted to share their experience on Facebook but the social media giant wasn’t interested in spreading the information about Pippa and EB.

Rhiannon’s fight isn’t over, head to the next page…WARNING: Images may be upsetting to some viewers