Desperate Mother Of 3 Asks Neighbor To Watch Kids, But Her Unexpected Death Changes Everything

When Audrey asked her neighbor Tisha Beauchmin if she would mind watching her three children while she went into the hospital for some tests, it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary since their daughters were friends and already spent a lot of time together. Sadly, when the results came back it was discovered that Audrey had both esophageal cancer and stomach cancer and the prognosis looked bleak.

Two weeks later, Audrey’s health took a steep decline and she was faced with the devastating decision of finding permanent caretakers for her children. Tisha and her husband Kevin already had five children of their own, but she knew in her heart what she had to do.

And although she and Audrey didn’t know each other very well, she knew from experience what it felt like to be an orphan and couldn’t bear to see them go into foster care. When Audrey was rushed back into the hospital again, she asked Tisha if she would take her kids after she died. In a heartbeat, Tisha said yes.

Tisha Beauchmin’s Neighbor Audrey Was Recently Diagnosed With Cancer And Needed Help

Tisha – A Married Mother Of Five – Had Her Hands Full But Was Ready To Help


But When Audrey’s Health Quickly Took A Turn For The Worse, She Asked Tisha If She Would Take Care Of Her Three Children


Before Audrey Slipped Into A Coma And Passed Away, Tisha Reassured Audrey That She And Her Husband Kevin Would Care For Them As If They Were Their Own3

Today The Beauchmins Are One Big Happy Blended Family Who Are Surrounded By Lots Of Love



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