Rescuers Find ‘Mummified’ Baby Orangutan Barely Clinging To Life

At this point in our history, it’s no longer shocking. It’s become so apparent, or at the very least, more widely reported, that when we come across it, we can only hope for the best and pray there is a happy ending somewhere in the narrative. Usually, it happens to “household” pets – dogs and cats unceremoniously dumped in the woods (or worse), left to fend for themselves under the mistaken belief that, as animals, they have the instincts to do just that. They don’t.

Gito Was Found Barely Alive


Or worse, we have the “good intentions” that turn into hoarding, hundreds of sick and dying strays locked up in a house because the only thought he or she “was helping.” As the rescuers put on the Hazmat suits and enter the horrid circumstances, they always marvel at the same thing – the creatures’ desire to be treated humanely. They don’t just want shelter, or to be on display. They want to be loved. Cared for. Treated with decency and respect, not warehoused out of someone’s skewed idea of compassion.

He’d Lost All His Fur, And His Skin Was Diseased


Gito, a five-month-old baby orangutan, was recently discovered in the home of a West Borneo village chief. The ape was so malnourished (he had only been given condensed milk to eat) and so badly cared for, he appeared “mummified.” In fact, when he was discovered in a dirty, urine-soaked cardboard box, rescuers thought he was dead. Yes, it was really that bad. He had no hair, and his skin had taken on a flaky, scaly gray hue.

Luckily, He Was Rescued And Is Now Doing Better


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