See People Ignore A Helpless Naked Baby Lying On A Busy Public Stairway

They say we’ve become a cruel and heartless society. They argue that we think more of ourselves than others and would literally step over someone lying helpless and hopeless in the street just so we don’t have to get involved. Even worse, said behavior has become a cultural staple around the world, where beggars and other street people prey on citizens for money…and more.

What Would You Do If You Saw This?


So what have they done in response to such ruses? They’ve learned to PURPOSEFULLY IGNORE them. We mention this because the story you are about to read is destined to get your dander up. Over in the Philippines, someone was walking in Manila when they came across a disheartening sight. It was a little baby, naked and motionless, lying on the steps of a staircase. A PUBLIC staircase – one being used by dozens of people.

Would You Help?


As the prone child lay there, they just walked by. Some gave it no consideration. Others just snuck a peek and then went on their way. While we don’t want to cast aspersions – after all, we live in the US and do similar things, if not quite so blatantly – this seems so shocking as to be irredeemable. Unconscionable. Unfathomable. So of course, you’re probably wondering what happened. Well, there’s definitely more to the story.

Or Would You Just Ignore The Situation?


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