Nanny Comes Home With 3-Year-Old, Instantly Senses Something Is Wrong

We hire them to take our place. As parents, especially circa 2017, there’s just not enough time in the day to deal with job, relationship, family, and kids. Now, that may sound cruel, but that’s the world we live in. People prioritize based on what keeps them clothed, fed, and sheltered, and spending time with Junior or Janey just doesn’t make ends meet. Yes, being with your babies is important. So is paying the mortgage.

Jenna Lee Baker Was Just Doing Her Job


That’s why nannies and au pairs are in such high demand. They step in for those who can’t step up and handle the delicate decisions that come with raising a child. Or two. Or several. Sure, they make a decent living, but imagine the pressures of having to deal with babies who miss their moms, toddlers that misbehave, and pre-adolescents who challenge authority. With mom and dad at the office, or on business trips, the nanny becomes the target of such rebellion.

But All Was Not Right In the Lai House


When Jonathan Lai and his wife needed someone to look after their three-year-old son, he hired Jenna Lee Baker. He assumed she was a totally responsible and caring parental substitute. Little did he know how right he was. Baker showed her true colors one day when, after returning from running errands with the boy, she returned to the Lai house. Instantly, she sensed something was wrong. Security camera footage confirmed the worst.

Someone Else Was In There


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