He Heard Noises In The Attic But Never Expected To See This In The Surveillance Footage

Back in the day, everyone knew their neighbors. That doesn’t mean that you hung out together, or shared interests beyond a place on your street, but there was never a question of what kind of people they are/were. You trusted them to look out for you and yours, and vice versa. Fast forward a few decades and now we barely connect with those around us. We’re not quite strangers, but we’re not close either.

Attics Are Creepy Places


And then there are those situations where the true colors of those we live near come to the fore. Sometimes, the truth is shocking. In other instances, it’s downright scary. Jerome Kennedy, his wife Ashley, and baby daughter had been putting up with the renovations going on in the house attached to theirs. They heard the noise during the day, and even the occasional strange sound during the night.

They Hold A Lot Of Hidden Mysteries


Eventually, Jerome became more and more curious. The racket seemed to be coming from the attic above the familial bedroom (the baby slept in its crib in the master bedroom), so he set up a hidden camera to see what he could capture. What the video exposed was something so shocking it will make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck.

One Family Discovered This Happening In Theirs


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