See The Remarkable Moment A Newborn Baby Can’t Stop Kissing Her Mother

We assume the connection, even though there is no real reason for it to exist. Granted, there is a physical link that lasts nine months, but to infer love or affection? That seems to be taking things a bit too far. Still, you can’t deny how parents react to their babies. It’s unconditional and uncontrollable.

This Is Little Agata Ribeiro Coelho


From the moment the doctor delivers him or her, the bond is built, and only in the rarest of cases is it ever broken…and even then, the shared genetics make a true severance especially hard. So what do we make of this story coming out of Brazil about a newborn baby that immediately sought out its mother and started kissing her? Is this an example of such a bond, or something else entirely.

And This Is Her Family


Brenda Coelho de Souza gave birth to her daughter, Agata Ribeiro Coelho back on April 5, and when the C-section was complete and the child ready to be held, they gave her to her mom. What happened next has the whole world wondering just how deep love between a parent and child can go. The entire medical team were astonished. They had never seen an infant, especially one that’s just come out of the womb, to be so affection.

This Is One Baby Who Was Happy To Be Born


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