Woman Warns Others About The Dangers Of Putting Their Feet On The Dashboard

It’s Summer, and that usually means it’s time for fun, sun, and hanging out with our friends. Whether it’s a day trip to the beach and simply cruising around, wondering what to do, we love that feeling of freedom and mobility that a car provides. Sure, they can be dangerous, and if driven poorly, deadly, but for the most part, it’s a portable living room, a place to enjoy yourself and the camaraderie of others. To kick back and put your feet up, if you will.

People Love To Put Their Feet On The Dashboard


Audra Tatum was one such person with one such a desire. Back in 2015, she was riding around with her husband, heading to her mother’s house to pick up her two boys. As they traveled, she decided to put her feet up on the dashboard. This was a decision that would radically change her life. Within moments, the car she was riding in t-boned another, causing the airbags to deploy. Leaving the dash at the equivalency of 200 mph, the inflating material thrust her legs up into the air – and into her face.

Audra Tatum Was One Of Them


Her leg smashed into her face, breaking her nose. Her ankle, femur, and arm were all broken. She had to undergo several surgeries, hours of physical therapy, and lots of pain. It took over a month for her to walk again. The former EMS worker can no longer do her job. She can’t even stand for longer than four hours at a time.

Then This Happened


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