WATCH: Heart-Stopping Moment NY Air National Guard Rescues Man And Tiny Frightened Dog

There is no question that the effects of Hurricane Harvey will be felt for years to come. From the horrific flooding that covered the city of Houston with several feet of water, to the loss of life and personal property, it’s an event that won’t soon be forgotten.

It’s Been A Heartbreaking Situation


But it’s the human stories that will linger longer. As streets become dry and the rebuilding begins, the images of roadways choked with out-of-state vehicles towing boats behind them, or the pictures of people helping people, or the nursing home residents stranded in several feet of water, will stay in our collective consciousness for a very long time.

Yet So Many Rescuers Have Come To Help


And then there are the acts of bravery and risk taken by the first responders and the men and women of the Coast Guard and other services, many from far beyond Texas. Recently, the state of New York celebrated their Air National Guard for helping with the Harvey aftermath, their actions saving more than 330 people. They even posted some “raw footage” of a rescue that has social media abuzz.

And Not Just People Are Being Saved


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