Woman With 1 Arm’s Tinder Bio Is So Awesome That She’s Getting Nonstop Proposals

You’ve heard the saying before – when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. In 2017, we’ve modified it a bit. Now, we tell those who’ve been dealt an unlucky hand to “own it.” We stress the new inclusive nature of society and sense that, instead of hiding an issue, we should publicize it. By doing so, we take away its power, and by doing that, we make it less of a barrier toward acceptance.

Lauren Is Looking For Love


It’s something that a girl named Lauren is learning right now. The 21-year-old was involved in a moped accident, which resulted in the loss of her arm. Naturally, she worried about how she would be treated by others. She especially fretted over the concept of dating, and what potential partners would think about someone working with one less limb.

She Hopes To Find It Online


So Lauren has decided to make a refreshing Summertime beverage out of the sad lot in life she was handed. Using that public soap box known as social media, she’s presenting herself as strong, compassionate, and more than a little self-aware. In fact, she posted a profile on that Mr. Right Now phone app Tinder, and what she wrote has the tongues all around the web wagging in “you go girl” support.

And She Wants To Lessen The Impact Of Her “Difference”


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