She’s Turning The Neighborhood Pokéstop Into A One-Stop Pokéshop!

Pokémon Go has officially transcended the online world. The game made the jump from smart phone screen to modern zeitgeist overnight, and the download numbers haven’t stopped rising. The accessibility of the game, combined with the addiction to catch em’ all, is turning quiet communities into conventions. It’s a fad that has swarms of people engrossed with their screens. Preferring the digital world to the opposite, some folks have realized a major opportunity is hiding among the crowds.

Hunger, thirst, but most importantly, battery power, are in high demand in the Pokémon Go community. Since players are finding it hard to balance mortality with mastery of the Pokémon world, others are stepping in to help. That’s not a joke either; people are actually hurting themselves trying to catch their digital monsters.

Luckily for all the trainers out there, businesses both big and small are keeping them in mind. Restaurants and cafés are offering Pokémon Go discounts and perks to players of the game. For those lucky enough to find a Pokéstop sharing their business space, the rewards are even more eye-catching. The Pokéstops act like a resupply station for the game, which means a guaranteed crowd at all times of the day.

She’s Playing Pokémon Her Way!

Girl in my hometown taking advantage of having a PokeStop by her home

Even the startups are getting in on the trend! One enterprising girl discovered a Pokéstop on her own front lawn. Setting up shop just 10 feet from her house, the resourceful retailer decided to play the game in a different way. She caters to the players instead of the game.

She packages bags of chips and cups of juice, color-coding her items to coordinate with each team of the Pokémon Go world. Meanwhile, tired trainers swarm the Pokéstop Shop in search of supplies, inevitably purchasing chips and juice to continue the search. Of course, all items in this Pokéstop Shop are sold for a healthy profit.

Business is good at the Pokéstop Shop, offering trainers a place to relax, reenergize, and tackle whatever invisible monsters only they can see. As long as there are Pokémon to catch, you can bet the Pokéstop Shop will be around to fuel the hunt long into the day.