Parents Get Matching Tattoos To Support Their Child With Cochlear Implants

When you have a child with special needs, one of the hardest things for parents is keeping them from feeling different. The “normal” world steps in and does enough reminding and ridiculing, thank you very much. No, for the mom or dad dealing with a child who requires unique care or difficult personal situations, the desire for inclusion can be hard to achieve.

Little Connor Was Born Deaf


Oddly enough, for one couple, they learned that the initial steps toward making their boy feel welcome begin at home, of all places. Two-year-old Connor Higgins was diagnosed with a condition that doesn’t allow his brain and the sound waves from his ears to sync up. As a result, he was deaf. Doctors gave him Cochlear implants, which would dramatically improve the situation.

He Got Cochlear Implants To Help Him Hear


The only problem? The devices on both side of the boy’s head stand out. They are very noticeable, and not in a good way. Thankfully, his parents knew what they had to do. In order to keep their boy feeling like he was part of the family, that he was no different than the man and woman responsible for his being here, Hope and Jacob stepped up and did something incredible. The result has the whole Higgins family smiling.

And His Parents Also Did Something To Support Him


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