A Penny That’s Worth $1,700,000 & How To See If You Have One!

It’s the most misunderstood and disrespected of our common currency, a denomination that many feel should be left out of our financial system all together. For most of us, they’re just annoying, a shining copper complaint that takes up space in a candy dish or mason jar. Yes, the penny doesn’t get a lot of love, no matter how many times the proverbs say we count them.

Poor Pennies



They Are Not A Popular Currency



Well, now there just might be a reason to give that one cent wonder it’s due. According to numismatics (that’s coin collectors and people who study currency), there are several pennies that can be worth many times over their face value. Many. Times. Over. One in particular sold at auction for – get this – over $1.7 million. Seriously.

People Have Been Dissing The Coin For Years



Before we get into IDing these rarities, here the reason why they are so valuable. Between 1909 and 1982, pennies were about 95% copper. Today, they are mostly zinc with a tiny bit of copper plating. Only one year did the US change the formula – 1943. The war effort needed the copper, and therein lies the reason these particular pieces are so valuable.

In 1943, The Copper Beauties Were Made Of Steel



But There Are Rare Ones From That Year That Are Worth A Fortune



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