This Photo Of A Grieving Mother Monkey Proves Animals Do Have Feelings

It’s the kind of debate that has no real “right” answer. Some say we’re made by God and that’s it. End of discussion. Others look to science and skeptically state that evolution is the key, and that proof lies in our close relationship to the animals we “came” from – the primate. That then unleashes a whole new line of attack on either side, mostly revolving around statements like “humans are superior to animals” and “creatures like monkeys and apes don’t have emotions or feelings.”

Animals Are Just Dumb, Right?


Yes, these discussions continue in light of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Just head over to Google and type in something like “dog mourns death of his friend” and “baby kitten cries over mom’s body” and you just might have to alter your previous perspective. This argument has resurfaced recently with the release of a picture, taken in India, of a mother monkey, her mouth curled in a horrifying shriek, as she holds her dying son in her hands.

They Don’t Have The Emotional Capacity That Humans Do, Right?


It’s a terribly tragic image, one made even more by the implications. We believe in a false notion that, because they cannot talk and because their other communication skills are limited to grunts, growls, and gurgles, that our four-footed friends lack any real feelings. Sure, they hate being punished and enjoy being pampered, but there’s really nothing more to it than this, right?



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