Photos Of Ordinary People In Their Bedroom Reveals Glimpses Of Their Real Life

If a perfect stranger wanted to come inside your home and see your bedroom at this exact moment, what would they see? First of all, would you let even let them in? Chances are, you wouldn’t even let your own mother in your bedroom right now.

You may have laundry piled up, the old tea mug you were drinking from sitting on your bedside table, and your bed unmade. Or maybe you’re just an extremely private person and simply don’t want anyone aside from you and your significant other in there.

Your reason could even be a combination of both. It could be that you don’t want anyone to see who you really are.

In a project titled “American Bedroom,” photographer Barbara Peacock set out to explore all different kinds of people in their various bedrooms and the results capture the fabric of the country.

Some of the photos may look exactly like your own abode while others may hit a nerve deep inside your core.


Winslow – Westford, Massachusetts

Age 20: “I just moved home from Chicago, leaving behind dozens of friends and my life for the past year. The only thing of merit I was able to bring home was my cat, Juno.”


Josh And Rean – Merrimac, Massachusetts

Ages 38 and 37: Jackson (age 5), and Amelia (1 year). “I hate my bedroom. It’s so cramped and small. But, we waited a long time to have kids so when we are all together I’m happy.”


Avey – Portland, Maine

Age 3: “My fish is died.”


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