This Poor Pitbull Started Crying When He Was Dumped At A Shelter

It’s one of the toughest decisions a family has to make. Usually, the circumstances dictate the response, but more times than not, people don’t plan on such radical actions. Unless we have the proper perspective, or understand the motive behind them, we really can’t judge. You know, it’s part of the whole “walk a mile in a man’s shoes” conceit. You don’t know the why of someone’s actions until you have all the facts on hand.

This Is Blue King


Sadly, in the case of the beautiful pit bull pup named Blue King, we have all the info we need. This former furbaby, unceremoniously dumped off at a high kill shelter in California, was abandoned by his family for reasons that will likely make your blood boil. No, it wasn’t because someone was allergic, or that the breed has a notorious reputation for aggression. It wasn’t even a case of the dog behaving badly.

He Was Left By His Family At A High Kill Shelter


No, the family was moving to a new home and just didn’t feel like taking Blue with them. Man’s best friend no longer had a place in their life. So off he went, and onto the euthanasia list he went. Volunteers, hoping that someone would come along and rescue the poor darling, decided to put up a video on Facebook. In it, the dog is clearly crying, upset and afraid by his harsh surroundings and the lack of human contact he used to enjoy so regularly.

Here’s That Video

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