Teen Posting Selfies With Half-Face Of Makeup Gets Shocking Response From Internet

Maisie Beech, 19, is the first to tell you how much she loves makeup. But she doesn’t wear it to try to impress other people; she wears it because it makes her feel amazing. She picked up her talent for makeup application by watching YouTube tutorials and has been hooked ever since. So when her brother saw her amazing transformation one morning, he was so impressed that he suggested she share some photos on social media.

She loved the idea, not thinking too many people would even see them. In an interview with the Daily Mail, Maisie said: “I wanted to show that I like makeup and I wear it for myself, but I’ll also happily get on the train brow-less if I want to.”

Maisie Beech Loves Makeup


When Her Brother Suggested She Share Her Amazing Transformations With The Internet…


She Thought It Would Be An Empowering Experience


But When Internet Bullies Began Saying Cruel Things About Her…


She Was Shocked By Their Hurtful Words


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