Moms Get Real About Their Postpartum Bodies In These Empowering Photos

Photographers and sisters-in-law, Aimee and Jenna Hobbs began to notice a strange pattern with their clients who were new moms. When it came time for the moms to select their  favorite photos from their sessions, the moms would almost always select the photos without themselves in the shot.

“It broke our hearts,” said Aimee to HuffPost. “To see moms effectively removing themselves from the visual narrative of their family, whether intentionally or unintentionally.”

Their shocking discovery inspired the photographers to create a new project called “A Mother’s Beauty” that celebrates everything real and vulnerable about a mother’s body – from her stretchmarks, to her soft belly, to the scars from her c-section.

They wanted women to know it’s okay to be unapologetically real and be proud of what their body has done for them to be able to carry a baby.

All too often the media pressure for new moms, and old alike, is overwhelming for them to get back in shape ASAP. Aimee and Jenna want to challenge that idea and instead share a more realistic view of what it means to be a real mother, imperfections and all.

“The More People See Something, The More Normal It Becomes,” Said Aimee To HuffPost.

The subjects of Aimee and Jenna feel empowered by their photos.

Aimee And Jenna’s Observance Of A Heartbreaking Trend Inspired Their Project

They began to notice that mothers didn’t pick any photos that included themselves to be printed.

The Photographers Both Believe The Media Puts Too Much Pressure On New Moms…

…to get back to their pre-baby weight right after delivery.

Moms Are Often Not Depicted At Their Most Vulnerable

But being vulnerable is what makes them most beautiful.

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