With Her Dying Grandparents Looking On, This Man Proposed To Their Granddaughter

The last request. The final item on your bucket list. As we look at life and face the mortality of being part of it, we recognize that we will probably miss many of the important events that the future holds. The graduation of grandchildren, their marriages and their kids. Perhaps the truths hit closer to home – the wedding of a close friend or relative. The birth of another addition to the clan. Or maybe just the smile of someone whose attitude and love you will definitely miss as you move on to the next plane of existence.

Cosmo And Doris Love Their Granddaughter Angi


For Cosmo and Doris, the end was on the horizon. Doctors had given the aging couple (92 and 85, respectively) little time, and they wanted to make the most of it. The reality hit their granddaughter Angi the hardest. She had always been close to her grandfather and grandmother, who lived across the street from her when she was a kid. But now, they were preparing to leave, and they had only one wish – to spend a final few days with the rest of the family at their favorite place: the beach.

And She Has A Very Special Bond With Them


While making arrangements for the trip, Angi realized that her beloved relatives would probably miss her nuptials. In a long term relationship with a man named Toby. She definitely wanted him to be part of the celebration, especially given that four generations of the Grippo clan would be present. Little did she know that her paramour had a plan for her as well. Knowing how much her grandparents meant to her, Toby decided to help fulfill several dreams.

Angi’s Boyfriend Made All Their Dreams Come True This Day


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