Proud Parents Melt At The Footage They Caught Of Their Daughter Saying Prayers Alone In Her Crib!

The Whitt Family is well known in their small town located in South Carolina. Kathryn and Caleb Whitt, of Seneca, are like many South Carolina residents just living their lives to the fullest and focusing on family values.

Kathryn is a preschool teacher at a local Christian academy, in fact, so it came as little surprise when she learned that she and Caleb’s daughter, Sutton, was also well-versed in the holy word!

One Sunday evening, shortly after putting Sutton to bed, the couple overheard their little princess talking on the monitor. After pausing game and tuning into Sutton’s crib chats they realized that their baby was not just talking gibberish!

Little Sutton was peacefully and independently reciting a prayer for the evening. The toddler made sure not to skip a soul when it came to giving thanks and spreading blessings! Tune into the video on the next page to hear Sutton’s thoughtful words!

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