Make This Year’s Thanksgiving Something Special With A Pumpkin Cheesecake Lasagna

Let’s say you’re in your 30s. And let’s say that, as part of the world we live in today, you have at least two Thanksgiving meals to attend. Now, this wasn’t always the case, but as you aged, your family split, your obligations grew, and thus, the caloric countdown that begins every Nov. 1 starts to take its toll. Imagine the amount of bird you have eaten. How about the pounds of potatoes both mashed and sweet.

The Meal Is On The Table



And Then It’s Time To Dig In



Or how about the pumpkin pie. Slice after slice turning into pound after pound around the thigh area. If you averages two pieces per table sitting, and you’ve averaged two sittings a year for 35 years – well, no one would criticize you for being sick of the dessert tradition. When you consider you’ve probably become one of the millions of pumpkin spice addicts out there, you can add dozens of lattes and sweetened coffee drinks to the tally.

Why Not Try Something Other Than The Same Old Same Old



So how about something different. Oh sure, you still have to have the pumpkin – we get it. But why not switch things up a bit. Why not nix the pie and toddler over to that pizza making entity known as Italy. If there is one nation that knows food…and how about we toss in that continental cuisine fave that everyone it talking about – CHEESECAKE. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Granted, It’s Not Traditional…YET


But It Looks Tastier Than Some Dumb Old Pie, Right?



It Is – Continue On For The Recipe And The How-To Video