She Saw Something Stuffed In A Garbage Bag On The Side Of The Road – What She Found Was Startling

It’s time to play “What Would You Do?” and in today’s episode, we present the following scenario for you to think upon. You are driving down a familiar local road, one you use practically every day. You’re running a bit late for work, but that sense of urgency is undermined almost immediately by something you see on the side of the road.

This Is Malissa



It looks like a garbage bag, but it’s not stuffed to the gills with junk, the top split open and refuse spilling out everywhere. Instead, it looks like there is something in it, and as you pull closer, you are suddenly startled. The bag…begins moving. Not only that, the shape seems almost “animal” like. So, would you stop to see what was going on, or just drive away?

This Is What She Saw On The Side Of The Road



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