She Thought They Were Bug Bites, But Her Puppy Was Actually Shot Over 60 Times

His name is Jackson and he’s not like other puppies. He is a bouncy Bull Mastiff, and even in his “baby” state, he weighs over 100 pounds. He is the pride and joy of his owner and so lovable and friendly that it’s impossible to imagine anyone wanting to hurt it. Once you hear the story, however, you will realize that that sentiment is not shared by everyone.

This Is Jackson


Hayden Howard was traveling over Easter weekend and thought that Jackson was safe and sound at home. When she arrived back, she started noticing something unusual about her dog’s coat. Upon closer inspection, she thought he was covered in bug bites and immediately took him to the vets. What she later learned was so unsettling and so shocking that it rocked her faith in her fellow man.

He’s A Big Baby Boy


It turns out that Jackson was not covered with insect bite, but gunshot wounds. Not the lethal kind but holes created by BBs and pellets. Yes, someone decided to play target practice with Jackson and police investigators quickly determined who the possible suspect could be. All signs pointed to a neighbor who lives near Howard’s property.

But Someone Decided To Do This To Him


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