Social Media Is Sending Rainbows To This Autistic Boy To Help With His Grief

Grief. It is, perhaps, the most difficult emotion to cope with. The sense of loss, the emptiness and hopelessness that comes with it, the need for an explanation and the inability to find one – they all add up to a spiral of sadness that can be almost impossible to pull yourself out of. In fact, the closer the loss, the harder we are hit.

Robbie Ecuyer Lost Both His Parents In One Month


From a friend or colleague to a close loved one, each rates their own level of sorrow, and that pain can last a very long time. Now imagine you have a limited POV, one that comes from a condition that you were born with. Robbie Ecuyer has autism. This past May, his mother died from cystic fibrosis. When she did, a double rainbow appeared in the sky. Then, to make matters worse, Robbie’s dad passed away from a drug overdose a mere 22 days later.

He Was Told That They ‘Crossed The Rainbow Bridge’ Into Heaven


The boy now lives with his aunt, and has been devastated ever since he lost his parents. As a means of appeasing him, his relative told him that he need not worry. His mommy and daddy were in Heaven after crossing the “rainbow bridge.” Social media has responded to make Robbie’s loss a little easier. The aunt hit up Facebook, asking friends to send the boy images of rainbows. Before she knew it, her feed was filled nearly 6000 pics.

And Now He Is Receiving Rainbow Photos From Around The World


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