After Baby Breaks Out In Blisters, Heartbroken Mother Raises Awareness About Invisible Disease

A mother always seems to sense when something isn’t quite right with her child. After tiny red dots began to surface all over Samantha Rodgers’ son’s face, she wanted answers. But one by one, each doctor told her it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary.

That is until the tiny red dots grew bigger and bigger, spreading across one-year-old Juliano’s neck, chest and stomach. What Samantha was initially told was the flu had evolved into a lifetime chronic condition known as herpes.

Samantha Wants Other Parents To Be Aware Of What Happened To Her Son

Samantha has wracked her brains trying to think of how her baby could have contracted herpes. But after much research, she’s contemplating whether or not it could have been shared unaware through something as simple as a kiss or a the touch of a hand.

Now Her Son Will Face A Lifetime Of Dealing With This Disease


As her son fights his way through treatment, his mother is trying to be strong for little Juliano. Although she is heartbroken over his condition, she is finding the courage to raise awareness to parents everywhere who might night have known such a thing could happen.

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