They Actually Do Exist – Disney Characters You Can Find In Real Life

You can’t deny it – Disney rules the world. Don’t think so? Well, the House of Mouse owns the rights to the Marvel movies (see billion dollar box office per flick) and are making as many of them as the comic giant can create. They also control a little something called Star Wars, guaranteeing them several generations of geeks lining up to see where George Lucas’ adventures will now take them (see billion dollar box office per flick…again).

They Are Iconic


But where Walt’s workers really excel is in the creation of characters. While plots and production value are also important to the pen and ink crowd, having creatures and people the audience can relate to is priority numero uno. It’s a lesson the digital giant Pixar learned all too well (and Disney owns them too – see billion dollar box office per flick – again). It’s what separates them from the Dreamworks/Sony wannabes.

We Love Them All


The Men Who Made Mickey have become so ensconced in our existence that we start to see their handiwork everywhere. This is especially true in those instances where someone or something reminds you of a classic cartoon character. From Snow White and the Seven Dwarves to Frozen (and beyond), kids of all ages can relate to an orphaned fawn, or a little wooden puppet that wants to be a real boy. In fact, the influence is so prevalent that people are seeing Disney characters in real life. There’s a video overview on the next page, so check it out.

And There Are Examples Of Them In Real Life


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