Watch The Precious Moment Little Girl Mistakes Teen Attending Prom For Real-Life Princess

Who wouldn’t want to be mistaken for a princess on the day of prom? That’s exactly what happened to 17-year-old Kwani Taylor when little Emory and her father discovered she and her prom date taking photos together in the Raleigh Rose Garden.

With wide-eyed excitement, Emory was certain she just spotted a real-life princess and begged her dad to take her to get a closer look. Her dad said Emory asked him if she could talk to a real princess, so they approached the teen couple to chat.

All of the fuss from the little girl warmed Kwani’s heart and she was absolutely thrilled to chat with Emory for a bit. “She made my day more than I made hers,” she said to Inside Edition.

Kwani  made sure to tell Emory to remember that she was a princess, too.

The sweet moment made a strong impact on Kwani’s prom experience and she was walking tall for the rest of the night. “I felt amazing,” Kwani said. “I’ve never been mistaken for a princess before. It just made my whole night going to prom. I had so much confidence — a little girl thought I was a princess! It made my entire day.”

While Kwani And Her Prom Date Were Posing For Photos In A Rose Garden…

…little did they know they were being admired from afar.

A Little Girl Named Emory Was Certain She Saw A Real Princess

So she asked her dad if she could talk to Kwani.


Kwani Was Touched By Emory’s Excitement

She offered her a hug!

Kwani Also Told Emory That She Was A Princess, Too!

She said it totally made her day to be mistaken for a real princess!


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