She Refused To Abort Her ‘Disabled’ Son, Put Her Life On The Line, And Her Trust In God!

Expecting a baby is always nerve-racking, but discovering that carrying that child could result in death for both mom and baby is an unfathomable situation.

Medical professionals usually advise the mother to terminate the pregnancy in order to save her life, but one mom absolutely refused and her faith is proof that anything is possible.

Update: 3/19/15Today's appointment went well! The fluid looks low still, but it hasn't changed since last week so they…

Posted by Pray for Courtney and baby Eli on jueves, 19 de marzo de 2015

When Courtney Mitchell was 20 weeks pregnant, she was having a routine ultrasound done when doctors noticed the development of her baby boy was anything but routine.

Doctors discovered pockets of fluid in her placenta and a high-risk ultrasound was scheduled for the next day. The news that Courtney and husband Chris received was grim.

Hey guys,Chris here. I just wanted to share this post from Courtney today. I am seriously blessed to have a wife with…

Posted by Pray for Courtney and baby Eli on martes, 10 de febrero de 2015

Tests showed that the fluid in the placenta was the result of a partial molar pregnancy, which is a genetic error that occurs during fertilization in which an embryo either develops incompletely or doesn’t develop at all. At best, their unborn son would have birth defects. At worst, he only had a 1-percent chance of surviving outside the womb.

Update: 2/26/15So our appointment went well today, Eli looked good. The blood flow from the placenta was good, and his…

Posted by Pray for Courtney and baby Eli on jueves, 26 de febrero de 2015

Being devout Christians, Courtney and Chris took that 1-percent chance and put all of their faith in God.

But the bad news wasn’t over…

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