These Swimming Safety Tips Can Help Your Family Avoid Danger This Summer

Now that summer is getting ready to kick into full gear, lots of people will be heading to local rivers, lakes, oceans, and pools to go for a dip on hot days. After all, there’s no better way to enjoy a nice summer day than a quick swim.


But while swimming can be a fun activity – it can also be dangerous. Small children should be supervised at all times when playing near the water – and even people who know how to swim should take proper precautions.

Safety First


This is especially true when swimming in rivers and oceans where currents and waves can suddenly become intense.

Unfortunately, one teen learned this in the most heartbreaking way possible when a river current suddenly carried him away and took his life. But while this event was undeniably tragic, his accident has led to a push to educate others on the dangers of swimming in rivers.

So what can you do to protect yourself this summer?

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