Think Your Pets Don’t Mind Being Left Home Alone? Think Again

It’s weird. We don’t usually think about it, though considering how much thought we give to other aspects of the relationship, we really should. We care about what they eat. We care about their bathroom and grooming habits. We buy them toys and play towers and other fun (and sometimes fancy) treats and consider ourselves bad owners if we don’t. You see, we love our pets. Our dogs (or cats, or rats, or guinea pigs, or fish, etc.) are our furbabies and we want to treat them as well as we can – that is, until we walk out the door in the morning to go to work or head out for the day. Then, suddenly, our concern drops.

Think about it for a moment. You are hanging out with your partner or your friends or your kids and you are having a good time. Suddenly, without much warning, you are closed off in a room (or worse, a cage) and then left alone for hours on end. If you are a single pet parent, you may literally be gone most of the day (eight hour work day, commute time, gym usage, drinks and dinner, etc.) and yet never think about what your pet does, or how they react. A few owners who began to notice issues with their animals asked some researchers from a local college to help them discover that goes on. A hidden camera and several cases of separation anxiety later, they got the results.

What We Think Our Pets Do When They’re Alone – PARTY TIME!



Just Having Some Fun



I’m Sorry. I Couldn’t Help Myself



What They Really Think – Where Did They Go?



When Will They Be Back?



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