It’s Called The Ice And Salt Challenge And It’s Hurting Kids All Across The World

Welcome to the world circa 2017. It’s a strange place. We no longer get our news from legitimized outlets. Instead, we rely on our social media friends to fill us in. A famous face dies, or does something stupid, and you get hundreds of notifications from the concerned, the critical, and the clueless. And then there is the desire to get famous. The Internet is an amazing international soap box, but just because others have parlayed their “talent” into a celebrity-like income doesn’t mean you can too.

The Internet Is Filled With Stupid Stuff


And then there are the challenges – those endless examples of people doing stupid stuff before others “dare” them to. From eating spoonfuls of cinnamon to drinking entire bottles of hot sauce, you’ll find all kinds of inexcusable insanity on the World Wide Web. Sure, as long as they are only hurting themselves, there’s no real reason to complain, right? Wrong. The young and impressionable are out there right now imitating what they see online and the results are more than disturbing.

Most Of It Is Innocent


They latest craze that parents need to be aware of is called the Ice and Salt Challenge. The idea seems simple – see how much pain you can endure by rubbing salt and ice on your skin. If you’ve even churned homemade ice cream, you’ll instantly recognize what a dumb idea this is. Ice is already cold enough to cause damage to your skin. Adding salt drops the temperature even lower, and as a result, increasing the level of harm.

But Sometimes, These Online Fads Can Cause Harm


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