Seal Seeks Shelter From Orcas Looking For Their Next Meal And Jumps Onto A Nearby Boat!

It’s not everyday that you find yourself floating along on a small boat in the ocean and just so happen to come this close to a seal. It might seem silly but the headlines are true. This sea mammal was clearly in quite the predicament when he did what he had to do to escape his fate and didn’t hesitate to hop on board with a few friendly whale watchers.

The family who had ventured out to sea were in search of whale activity but they stumbled upon a little more than they had originally bargained for!

It Could Have Been Just Another Day At Sea…


It Might Have Been A Day To Relax And Get In A Few Naps…

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But Nope…Not Today – Mother Nature Had Other Plans

Turns out the group of Orcas that this adventurous family had their eye on, were actually in pursuit of their next meal…one very terrified seal!

Because This Friendly Seal Was Sharing The Waters With A Few Hungry Friends…



And They Don’t Call Them Killer Whales For Nothing…


Once These Guys Showed Up, The Panicked Seal Had To Make A Move, And Fast…


It was just moments later that the panicked seal hopped aboard the tiny boat in an attempt to escape the grips of the food chain. After three attempts at jumping on deck he sealed the deal and landed safely, scathing mealtime by just moments! The very lucky seal sat it out on board for around 45 minutes before diving back into the dangerous waters. By then the Orcas had long since given up!

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