Hilarious People Who Take Their Selfie Game To The Next Level

The selfie. Maybe it’s all Apple’s fault. After all, until the iPhone came out with the ability to flip it’s camera, and you can now take images both from the back of the device and the front. Originallu, it seemed like the selfie wasn’t that popular. Now it seems like everywhere, people are grabbing their phones, ignoring everything else around them, and taking as many self portraits as possible. After all, we are a social media absorbed society and anything we can do to make a stand out amongst our fellow Twitter followers. Facebook friends, and Instagram posts, is crucial to our esteem and worth. They don’t call it a “selfie” for nothing. We are dealing with our self, and as a result, we like to use it as a way of expressing our own unique perspective.

The gallery below offers you some of the greatest selfies ever taken. They have their own unique language. You will see photo bombs. You will see unintentional humor. And you will also see moments that are perfectly captured for all time on the digital medium that has become so prevalent in our various Internet outlets. Also remember, there are some people who spend all their time trying to come up with unique takes on their own image. As you will see here they really do have a great way of celebrating their specialness.



Puppy Pout

Nice hair-do.

Cellphone Cinematograpy

For food???

Past, Present, Pisa?

So surreal.

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