Girl Selling All Her Possessions For Mom’s Experimental Cancer Treatment

How far would you go to save a loved one’s life? Would you give up everything you currently know and devote yourself solely to the care and possible cure for this person? Or would you let medical technology take the treatment as far as it can before realizing there may be no hope? How about disrupting your own existence – would you sell all your possessions, put yourself in financial harm and personal desperation for a single ray of hope?

Lori Harris Would Do Anything For Her Mother


These were the questions Lori Harris faced as her mother Lisa lie dying of Stage 4 ovarian cancer. Even living in the UK, where treatment if part of the National Health, there appeared to be little help in saving her life. Doctors had apparently exhausted all possible avenues, and were basically giving up. But that was not good enough for Lori. She knew there had to be an answer, and when she discovered a radical treatment in Germany, she leapt at the chance to help her mom out.

The Two Are Very Close


And you know what? It seems to be working. In fact, thanks to a recent post on social media, Lori made it very clear that the immunotherapy route was proving very helpful indeed – except for one small detail…the expense. Lisa needs the treatment every three weeks, and the price is nearly $31,000 per session. That means that, for an entire year, this experimental cure cost more than half a million dollars. As a result, Mom has sold everything – house, car, auctioned off various items, even removing money from her pension.

Not Even Cancer Can Defeat Them


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