These Simple Sibling Tattoos Will Make You Wish You Had A Sister

Siblings. To paraphrase a famous old saying, “you can’t live with them…and you can’t hurt ‘em.” Sure, we are supposed to LOVE our brothers and sisters, but in the end, the divided demand for attention creates tension, tension begets anger, and with that emotion comes the most complicated of inter-familial strife – the rivalry. You’ve heard about it. Maybe you’ve even experienced it (and still do until this day). While parents may not pick sides or favor one child over the other, that’s the way it feels and such resentment typically boils over during holidays, reunions, and other times of supposed happiness.

But then there are those relatives who get along famously. They love each other unconditionally and support each other through the proverbial thick and thin. They want people to know that they have siblings and celebrate that bond whenever and however they can. Take the images below. They are pure girl power in how they express the love these sisters have for each other. Some are just simple symbols. Others offers a more thought -provoking approach. All show that not every family falls apart the minute there are more than one kid in the mix. Some actually get along – believe it or not.

Together Forever

And never to part.

All About Heart

And all in the family.

Staying Connected

The old fashioned way.

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