She Wanted To Be Surprised When He Came Home, So This Serviceman Granted His Child’s Wish

We’ve seen so many of them, the concept is getting a bit warn out. With so many examples filling the social media airwaves, and many more happening in less public forums, the secret soldier returning home scenario now must struggle to be different. A Marine just can’t put himself in to a large box and offering himself up as a present to his kids. There has to be more creativity, or at the very least, a new way of distracting the target.

Soldiers Come Home From The Service All The Time



Sometimes, They Want To Surprise Their Loved Ones



That’s exactly how 15 year combat medic Jason Michael Webb planned it. After being away from home for nearly 18 months, he wanted to surprise his daughter – and oddly enough, she wanted to be tricked. During their occasional talks, Haley spoke of such “gotcha” videos and how she wanted to be part of one. So Webb conspired with her school to make it happen and the results will hit your right in the feels.

Just Another Secret Reunion?



The set-up was perfect. Haley and the rest of the school band were called in to be part of a celebration documenting a serviceman’s return home. She sat in her section, played her instrument, and enjoyed the moment. Then, she was asked to read the introduction for the rest of the class. As she got up to speak, her dad got in position.

Jason Michael Webb Had A Plan



And His Daughter Haley Had No Idea What Was Coming



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