She Thought Her Trip To The Mall Would Be Boring – She Never Saw This One Coming!

Georgia Knoll has always been a bubble of bright light in the world, so it may come as no surprise that she feels right at home in front of the camera. Georgia has been trying to catch her big break in the industry for a while now; aspiring to become a glamour model despite her mother’s worries. It’s just as well that Georgia’s mother has resisted the idea, because apparently a trip to the mall can accomplish just as much!

That’s because 7 News reporter Scott Linden is known to host his weekly ‘Street Talk’ segment throughout the Mackay community; interviewing small businesses with camera in hand. As fate would have it, the hopeful soul of Georgia Knoll was strolling through the same mall that Scott was in. The reporter was just wrapping up his segment when a sign from the crew tipped him off to a bystander in the background.

“Is someone there?”

Turning around, Linden discovered an ecstatic Georgia Knoll seemingly bursting at the seams to say hello. After some last minute primping and an invitation to say something to the fans watching, Georgia delivered a passionate hello to her parents with a cheeky smile. Her sister watching at home could only laugh as she watched her older sister share her talents with all those watching.

“She’s exactly the same at home. Always manages to make us laugh… Light of my life and best friend.”

Doesn’t Get Any Better Than That!

hollywood mall visit

Following up, 7 News tracked down the star in the making for a quick chat. This time though, the cameras were all there just for her, and the young woman could hardly contain her love for entertainment…