What This Little Boy Does For His Baby Sister Will Have You Crying Tears Of Joy

It’s the one thing parents tend to fret over once the baby is born and all the arms, legs, and medical givens fall into place. After counting toes and defining fingers, it’s time to consider…the sibling (or worse siblings) and that inevitable rite of passage – the rivalry. Sure, some families get away with a minimal of offspring on offspring drama, each member of the nuclear unit making their own way without having to deal with the inevitable brother/sister blowback. Then there are those situations which make up the vast majority of our media outlet, the dynamic between older and younger (and let’s not forget the middle) redefining dysfunctional each and every time the yelling starts.

But there probably was a time, though it may be too far in the past to remember it clearly, when your kids loved each other. Without warrant. Without demand. For them, it was all new – the baby, the brother or sisterhood, the desire to connect, the determination of the new clan pecking order. Before the real hard feelings settle in, something like what happens in the video below is wholly possible. We know you don’t believe it now, especially given the decibel level of the debate going on around the iPad, but take a sec and remember the good times. This kid’s sister serenade has that power.

Uh Oh, Here They Go Again!


Wow, nice right? No “gimmie gimmie,” no “mine mine.” No ear-shattering screams of “MOM!” or “DAD!” and definitely no desire to get physical to prove the point. Just a brother and his baby sister and a song that even a non-parent can appreciate. “Adorable” doesn’t begin to describe it. A mini-miracle may be more like it. Again, perhaps guardian givens like the terrible twos and sibling rivalry have long since left your homestead, replaced by a kind of tentative truce. If things should ever get dicey again, just repeat to yourself…”You are so beautiful…TO ME!” That should make it all better.

A Proud Brother Serenading His Sister

And Here’s What It Could Be Like

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