She Wanted To Support Her Mother, So This 12-Year-Old Helped Deliver Her Baby

Talk to anyone who was born before the 1980s, and they will tell you one thing for certain – the birth of a baby was not a party. It didn’t require (or even allow) family members into the delivery room, and doctors were ready with needles filled with pain killer and what today look like antique torture devices, all to make sure Junior or Jane came out with relative ease.

Dad wasn’t present. He was, more than likely standing around the waiting room, handing out cigars and receiving well wishes from the other Fathers to Be. Either that, or he was at work, trying to find a way to sneak out and support his wife without getting in Dutch with the boss.

Now, it seems like everyone in the extended genealogy are present when the baby makes it way out of the womb. Grandparents. Close relatives. Friends and coworkers – if the area is large enough, it’s time to settle in for a live birth. Jacee Dellapena had told the doctor that she wanted to be part of the process, and this is one member of the medical staff who took her very seriously indeed. At only 12, she was given the chance to do something many of us will never experience – bringing her baby brother into the world.

Her Parents Thought She Was Too Young

But she still was welcome in the delivery room.

The Doctors Asked If She’d Like To Help

And 12-year-old Jacee got suited up.

She Was There At The Start

Making sure everything was going right.

And She Was There At The End

She even dealt with the umbilical cord.

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