From Heartache To Heartbeats; How 1 Mother’s Tragic Loss Ended Up Saving 7 Lives

When 16-year-old Payton Casteel first got his learner’s permit at the DMV, his mother Anna Hutt was shocked by the fact that he had registered as an organ donor. Anna always told her son that she believed when the time comes, you should return to the earth with what you were given.

Payton Casteel, 16, Just Got His Learner’s Permit When Tragedy Struck

But Payton’s perspective was much different than his mom’s. He wanted to help others if, god forbid, something tragic were to happen. Little did they know that his option to become an organ donor would go on to save seven lives.

Despite His Mother’s Opposition, He Registered As An Organ Donor

In 2014, Payton was riding his dirt bike near his home when he was hit by a van. Despite all efforts to save his life, he wasn’t wearing a helmet and his head injuries were too severe. He passed away shortly after the accident.

Shortly After, He Was Struck By A Van And Passed Away

Sadly, he wasn’t wearing a helmet.

Gary Flint Was Diagnosed With An Enlarged Heart And Was Given Only Months To Live

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