A Son Brought Back To Life 3 Times After Fatal Accident Tells His Mom What Heaven’s Like

Signs from Heaven appear all around us every second of every day.

The flowers, trees, animals, sunshine, rain, even our own living and breathing selves are a sign from above.


Sometimes, those signs are even more inexplicable; especially when they come after a traumatic event.

That’s exactly what Julie Kemp and her son Landon went through.


When Landon was eight, he was in the backseat of the family car with his dad, Andy, driving, and Julie in the passenger seat.

The family was coming back from church when they were sideswiped by an ambulance out of nowhere.


The ambulance connected with the driver’s side of the car and unfortunately, Andy was killed instantly.

When first responders arrived, they initially had no idea that Landon was in the backseat, because the damage from the crash had prevented them from seeing anybody else in the car.

That’s when Landon and Julie’s life was changed forever…