How Strangers Not Immune To Infections Can End Up Doing THIS To Your Baby

When Sandra Tee and husband Tugrul brought home their newborn daughter Heidi from the hospital, everything seemed to be moving along just fine. But at the five-week mark, Sandra noticed Heidi’s health suddenly took a turn for the worse when she observed her cough after every feeding. As the coughing got worse, doctors delivered the devastating news she had developed whooping cough.

In a frightening turn of events, the day after her diagnosis Heidi stopped breathing and turned blue. Luckily her father is a firefighter and was able to resuscitate her but she continued to have silent episodes of breathlessness and had to be hospitalized.

Ten days after she was born, older brother Lincoln, who was vaccinated, developed whooping cough and had to be separated from his new baby sister. As it turned out, several children at his pre-school also contracted it.

In a passionate plea on Facebook, Sandra posted a video of their daughter struggling to breathe and begged others to consider how important it is to vaccinate. She’s hoping her message will help inspire others to get vaccinated to help avoid this life threatening situation that could happen to other children.

Sandra Tee With Son Lincoln And Daughter Heidi



At Five-Weeks-Old, Heidi Was Fighting For Her Life After Being Diagnosed With Whooping Cough


The New Mom Wanted Others To Know The Importance Of Vaccinations


Her Facebook Post Drew Thousands Of Responses


She Didn’t Want Other Children To Have To Go Through What Heidi Did



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